Our Sub-floor inspection robots

State of the art inspection robots

Made in New Zealand, built with advanced micro controllers programmed  to perfection. 

Made in New Zealand, built with advanced micro controllers programmed to perfection.

Multi-role proven robotic platform designed and built to carry out crawlspace inspections, saving time, money and covering health and safety. Conduct sub-floor inspections, under vehicle inspections, pipe/culvert inspections or add a Robotic arm for removing dangerous goods. With our robots you can conduct remote high definition inspection along with a thermal view. The user can control the view from the controller provided with ease. We can also custom build a robot with additional hardware and sensors and software to meet your needs. Fully designed and built in New Zealand.

Why choose Our Sub-floor inspection robots

High powered video controller

We use the Herelink controller for seamless video transfer with telemetry data to futureproof the robot with custom programs.

Custom made PCB

We have designed and built our own PCB with added battery safety and multiple plug in power options such as 12v, 5v giving our customers choice for

180° video with 5 x optical zoom and Thermal imaging camera

We have designed and built our own camera using the best sensors and lenses, programmed to work with our robot. Customers can upgrade to the Hades-4 model which includes a thermal imaging camera. Users can swap between the thermal mode and HD Camera mode with a press of a button on the Herelink controller.

Powder coated aluminum body

Strong, durable and robust dustproof, splash proof chassis to house the electronics. Designed to withstand rough ground such as rocky surfaces, sand, grass and mud.

Multi wheel option

Multi wheel option

Customizable as per customer requirement

We can change the color of the robot, add sensors and hardware and software at additional cost as per customer requirement.

Drypower IFR18650EC 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Our robots come with Drypower IFR18650EC 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries giving our customer better battery performance and safety as compared to lithium ion battery.

Capture videos and snapshots on demand in Realtime

Customers can take video with audio to describe the inspections along with snapshots in real-time.

Pinpoint the areas of interest

Users can use their finger to screen mark to pinpoint the damage or the area of interest on the Herelink screen while recording the video of the inspection. This feature can accurately highlight to managers and authorities leaks, electrical faults, moisture damages, rodent and ant infestation.

Hades Inspection Robot series


Techmatics has built 2 robots for us and is now building a third. I find Ravi and his team extremely good to deal with and keen to work with us and and our requirements.
Darin Devanny Founder & Building Inspector
Property Check Ltd
We were looking for a Robot that would do our underfloor inspections. We contacted Techmatics to build us a robot that would suit our needs. What we received was a great piece of Technology that surpassed our expectations. The robot has been reliable, robust and easy to use. We have named it Robby and hope to work further with Techmatics for future developments.
Alan Charles Founder- Building Inspector
Focused Property Inspections
We were looking for a reliable, hard wearing subfloor inspection robot to add to our professional team at Savvy Houz Inspections and we found Techmatics. Ravi was great to work with, very responsive and supportive with any issues we had with the wifi and connectivity. Inspector GIZMO is functional, tuff, good looking and ever ready to battle the dark, damp and dusty under floor spaces, better him than me anyway, Thank Ravi! Cheers, Dean
Dean Norrie Founder & CEO
Savvy Houz Building Inspection

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