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Hades robot series: Innovative crawlspace inspection solutions for challenging environments

Multi-role proven robotic platform designed and built to carry out crawlspace inspections, saving time, money and covering health and safety. Conduct sub-floor inspections, under vehicle inspections, pipe/culvert inspections or add a Robotic arm for removing dangerous goods.

With our robots you can conduct remote high definition inspection along with a thermal view. The user can control the view from the tablet  provided. 

We can also custom build a robot with additional hardware and sensors and software to meet your needs. Fully designed and built in New Zealand.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 360 (L) x 360(W) x 170(H) mm

  • Weight : 4.5 kg

  • Maximum payload weight: 10 kg

  • Max. road speed: 10 km/h

  • Speed in reverse: 10 km/h

  • Ground clearance: 50mm

  • Turning radius: 0 m


  • Built in Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) Battery for safety. 

  • Open Architecture for easy software customization.

  • Multi-Mission Capable. Inspect Under floor spaces, under vehicles, and drain inspections. Can be used wirelessly or tethered as required.

  • Unique Modular Design to deploy additional  payload. 

  • Robust and Reliable robot built high grade powder coated aluminum body, heavy duty 4WD planetary gear. 

Cloud Platform ​

The robot can also be used on the 4G/5G network allowing the user to remotely see  the video over the cellular network making it one of the most advanced inspection system in the International market. 

We can tailor  make a cloud platform to suit your business needs. Get live view of the inspection, save the images on the cloud and manage them as required. 

Easy to maintain and smart charging

Built splash proof and dust proof the robots can easily be cleaned with a brush after every use. The power coated body of the robot allows carefree maintaince. The wheels are held together with a nut bolt system to withstand the rigors of driving over rough surfaces. 

The Hades robot series comes with built in a smart charging system making it easy for the user to charge the robot on the go. The battery is built in with all the necessary safety features and balance charging to avoid fires. 

Every robot comes with a power adaptor and can be charged straight of the mains power or from a car cigarette lighter as the system is built to be 12 volts. The robot can also be charger off a external battery pack for rapid use. 

Customer feedback


The Hades-2 robot  comes complete with a Go-Pro mounted camera on a custom tilt bracket. The high powered Led-lights mounted the robot allows good visibility in dark crawlspaces. 

The robot also comes  with the RC controller and carry case. The video is recorded on the Go-Pro. An additional  camera is also attached beside the Go-Pro for the user to drive the robot. 


Hades-3 is one of our best sellers till date. With 4 individual ball bearing planetary gear motors it is perfect to go through rough surfaces with ease.

 Its Splash proof design and built allows  building inspectors, engineers and surveyors to inspect underfloor areas, ceiling areas, drains and culverts. The robot comes with  high quality all in one RC controller and video display unit. 


Hades 4 is our most advanced Inspection Robot. It comes with a HD camera and also a Thermal Imaging  Camera. The Thermal Imaging  is linked to our custom app, giving the user the ability to remotely view crawlspace inspections without having to risk health and safety of staff.

 Multiple sensors can also be added to the robot making it one of the most versatile inspection robot in the international market

Custom monitor options

Users have the option to choose between our Tablet based Wi-Fi system or an RC  controller with built in tablet for viewing the live feed. Based on the use cases we can offer various solutions to suit customer requirement. 

We can also make custom robot solutions as per requirements

We can offer a full design and build service. From 3D printing, PCB design to mechanical design and build for a fixed quoted price. 

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