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Crawlspace Inspections Robots for multiple business applications

Made in New Zealand, rugged, reliable easy to use robots, customizable to suit individual applications.  Used by hundreds of building inspectors, engineers and government agencies around the world. We use the Herelink controller for our robots, customized with our own video application to mark on screen the location of the fault and record videos and images in real-time making it one of the most innovative inspection robots. 

These robots are designed and built to inspect hard to reach areas such as subfloor, ceiling, air ducts and storm water drains. Our Hades robot series are tailor made to suit various applications as required by our customers. We can also customize the robots to meet our customer’s needs.

Our Crawlspace Robots

hades 2

Record images and video in 4K quality using GoPro and additional HD camera to drive the robot.

hades 3

Inspect crawlspaces using our optical zoom camera. Mark for cracks and damages on the live video using our the latest Herelink controller. Long range video 120 meters indoors.

hades 4

Optical zoom camera and thermal imaging camera, to inspect power grids factories and other hard to reach dangerous crawlspaces.


Compact and durable inspection robot

Inspect hard to reach areas like subfloor crawlspaces and ceiling spaces with ease. Rugged design laser cut aluminium body with high grip tyres to traverse the harsh subfloor and other crawlspace areas with ease.

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We use Herelink controllers for our robots as it gives the best performance in terms of range, picture quality with 1080p display. The video can be displayed at a distance of 150m indoors through heavy obstruction, 700m outdoors line of sight at 30 fps.

Bevel Gear Group

Built With The Best Parts And Quality Control

We do not compromise on quality and hence use the best gears and controllers from very reliable and reputable companies. The robot is completely made in New Zealand with strict quality control.



The splash proof and dust proof design of the robot allows it to be used in multiple areas. The robot can be used for inspecting subfloor areas, ceiling spaces, under vehicles, and stormwater drains. etc.

image (21)

Optical Zoom camera

Our Hades 3-4 robots come with optical zoom cameras which is controlled using the herelink controller. Use the buttons on the herelink to zoom in and zoom out while doing the inspection.


Thermal Imaging camera

Our Hades-4 robot comes with a FLIR lepton Thermal Imaging camera along with optical zoom camera for a high quality inspection.

Mark on screen the location of the fault using touch screen.

Customers can mark for faults on the screen using the touch screen function.

Record Videos And Images In Realtime

Using our Herelink controller our customers can record high quality 1080p videos and still images in real time. With 400 meters of video range, it makes the controller one of the very best.

Customizable as per customer needs

We can customize the robot for you as per your requirement in terms of color of the robot, lights, camera position and also a shape and size of the robot depending on application. We can also mount different camera heads such as go pros on the robot as required for an additional cost.

Applications For The Robots

Building Inspections

Industrial Applications

Pest Infestations

Use our Hades-4 thermal imaging robot to locate pest infestations through locating heat signatures.

Examples Of Our Robots In Action


Example of rough underfloor Inspection areas and how the robot handles it.

hades 4

Hades-4 Lab demo and explanation on how the robot works.

hades 3

Hades 3 inspection demo

hades 3

Hades-3 Inspecting the crawlspace under a cold storage warehouse in Nelson, New Zealand.

hades 4

Hades-4 Demonstration what's included in the case and how to use the robot.

hades 4

Hades-4 Robot with thermal imaging camera and optical zoom camera

Customer Reviews

Darin Devany

Founder & Building Inspector

Property Check Ltd

Techmatics has built two robots for us and is now building a third. I find Ravi and his team extremely good to deal with and keen to work with us and and our requirements.

Alan Charles

Founder- Building Inspector

Focused Property Inspections

We were looking for a Robot that would do our underfloor inspections. We contacted Techmatics to build us a robot that would suit our needs. What we received was a great piece of Technology that surpassed our expectations. The robot has been reliable, robust and easy to use. We have named it Robby and hope to work further with Techmatics for future developments.

Dean Norrie

Founder & CEO

Savvy Houz Building Inspection

We were looking for a reliable, hard wearing subfloor inspection robot to add to our professional team at Savvy Houz Inspections and we found Techmatics. Ravi was great to work with, very responsive and supportive with any issues we had with the wifi and connectivity. Inspector GIZMO is functional, tuff, good looking and ever ready to battle the dark, damp and dusty under floor spaces, better him than me anyway, Thank Ravi! Cheers, Dean

Technical specifications

Reliable and rugged and reliable body

Splash proof and dustproof design


Up to 2 hours depending on use.


Up to 150 m indoors, 400m outdoors.


3 kg


Length: Width: Height:

300 mm x 260 mm x 145 mm

Max payload:



15.90 m/min

Camera view:


Illumination modes:

White LED lights

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