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Crawlspace inspection robot with HD optical zoom camera and Thermal Camera.

Hades-4 is one of our best sellers till date. Used internationally the robot comes with four individual ball bearing planetary gear motors perfect to go through rough surfaces with ease. It’s splash proof design and build allows building inspectors, engineers and surveyors to inspect multiple crawlspaces such as underfloor areas, ceiling areas, drains and culverts. It comes in a watertight case for easy transportation. The custom app provided is easy to use making it a friendly system to operate.

The high definition camera with optical zoom camera captures a detailed view of the crawlspace area. To activate the optical zoom camera, users just need to press a button on the Herelink. This a great tool to reach hard to reach areas saving money and time. The robot comes complete and ready for the user. Customers can take video and snapshots on demand and unlike other robots the images and videos are stored on the controller rather than the robot.


Our most advanced Inspection Robot.

Why Use Our Robots

Unique Camera Design with latest optical zoom camera and thermal camera

At Techmatics we have designed and built our own camera system with a high-power lens providing true optical zoom. We do not use off the shelf cheap camera systems. Users can use the optical zoom function on the controller to get a detailed view of the inspection without having to enter the confined space.

Customized PCB to accommodate additional sensors and payloads

We built our own PCB for our robots with built in battery protection make it safe for our users. This unique PCB also allows for adding other functions such has sensors and lidars to suit different applications. Every robot comes with the latest version of our PCB.

Laser Cut And Folded Aluminium Chassis

We use aluminium chassis which are laser cut and powder coated to be Dustproof and splash proof. We have designed and made the chassis ourselves and have tested it extensively on sand, snow, grass, dust, wet areas and rough ground. Our unique design performs brilliantly in all these areas. The wide surface area allows the robot to be stable and sturdy in all these areas stopping it from rolling over.

What's included

Fully Built Hades-4 Robot With HD Camera And Thermal Camera

Fully built and tested custom 4WD robot. Dust proof and splash proof design. This comes with both thermal and HD cameras

High Quality Carry Case

Safe case Trolley included for storing and transportation of the robot. This hard moulded plastic outer shell contains high density foam which can be shaped to accommodate any item that will fit within the dimensions of the case; making it perfect for the robot. These cases come with a solid carry handle which will stand up to quite large weights, an extendable pull handle with roller wheels for easy portability and each case is firmly clamped shut with heavy duty clasps on the sides of the case. Dimensions 615 x 485 x 240 mm.

Herelink Controller

Unlike other robots we use the Herelink controller for our robots. As one of the best controllers in the market we have programmed it to work with our robots for easy one click use to control the lights and telemetry data. The robots unique wireless video transfer technology allows seamless video transfer in hard to reach areas with ease compared to other robots. This is an all in one system and controls driving the robot and transmitting video data. Users can take photos, video with audio, draw and mark on the screen to identify damages. Battery life of the robot is also displayed on the controller screen allowing users to see how long they have battery on the robot before needing to charge.

12V Power Adapter

12V power supply included for charging the robot. As the robot is 12V it can also be charged of the car charger if required.

Additional portable batteries

Customers can also get additional portable batteries at additional cost.

Custom Removeable Wheels

Customers can choose the type of wheels they want to use for the inspection.


Outright purchase

Pricing in NZD
$ 9500 + GST
  • Hades-4 Inspection robot with optical zoom and Herelink controller. Due to high demand current build time is 4-5 weeks. GST only applies to New Zealand customers

Lease to own

Pricing in NZD (Lease to own available for New Zealand customers only)
$ 120+GST weekly
  • Please contact us for the lease to own option.
  • Contract based on a three year term
  • Fill out a simple one page application form. Submit copy of your drivers license
  • Sign the agreement and you are approved
  • All maintance and warranty is covered till the term of finance.



We have designed and built a unique camera system that will allow users to see images in greater detail. The zoom lens can be controlled using the Herelink controller. Users can press a button on the controller to adjust the zoom level.


We use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for our robots. Most people are familiar with lithium-ion as they most likely own a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Lithium iron phosphate is a newer type of battery gaining recognition in the manufacturing industries due to its cost-effective materials and stability with high temperatures.. To charge the battery simply plug in the charge cable. The robot can be charged off the mains or car cigarette lighter.


The robot comes with a high quality sturdy transport case with rollers. Customers can extend the handle and roll the case when transporting the robot. The case is well padded on the inside providing good protection for the robot.


We have designed and built our own PCB with micro components for reliability and safety of the robot. With built in battery management system and safety triggers, our latest PCB allows for future add-ons and upgrades with both 5V and 9V plug point for devices.



Remote inspections robots can be very useful and safe. The Thermal camera along with the HD camera can give the inspectors, engineers, maintainence workers a clear idea of the power stations.


Maintenance managers can use the robots to do a through inspection of factories. The robot can save time and money enabling workers to make scheduled maintenance.


Building inspectors can use the robot as a tool to inspect subfloor areas, attics, and airducts.


Technical specifications


360 (L) x 360 (W) x 175 (H)


4.5 KG

Maximum payload weight

10 KG

Max. road speed

10 km/h

Speed in reverse

10 km/h

Ground clearance

50 mm

Turning radius

0 m

2 years warranty

Warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced.