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Cyclops Tactical pole camera systems

Cyclops advanced pole camera systems

Multi use pole camera system with HD camera, night vision and thermal camera usable on long range and short-range operations. Extendable up to 3 meters, high-grade pole camera ideal for rapid action police and defense forces. 

Key Features

Easy Setup

The pole camera can be deployed within seconds and is very intuitive and easy to use. The system comes with a lowlight HD camera, thermal camera and IR lights making it a very useful to inspect hard to reach areas.

Rugged Design

Made using high quality anodized aluminum lightweight and strong and can extendable up to 3 meters.

Wireless video

Video from the pole camera is displayed on a ruggedized display. Users can view the images and video displayed in standard view or the split screen mode. Video quality 1080P

Multi camera view

The cyclops pole camera comes with HD camera, Thermal camera, IR lights and white lights. Users can choose the camera mode from the controller.

Flexible Gooseneck

The Camera head is mounted on a flexible goose neck for the user to adjust the view as required for the inspection.

Encrypted video

The view is AES encrypted. We have designed and built our own video app with built in security.

Split screen view

Video from the cyclops pole camera can be viewed using our custom split screen display. Users see both thermal and HD image in real-time using the split screen function.

Modulor design

The Camera head can be replaced using the modular design system. Users can mount different camera heads as required for the inspection.

Video display options

Users can mount the video display on the pole or on their arm or mount it as per requirement.

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Police And Rapid Action Force

The pole camera was designed keeping in mind the needs of the police teams searching and clearing hostile areas.


The pole camera is also very suitable for defense forces as it can be used for both long range and short-range applications.

Bio security and maintaince inspectors

Relay the images remotely to command-and-control center to monitor volatile situations.

Technical specifications

Reliable and rugged body

Splash proof and dustproof design


Up to 2 hours depending on use.


Up to 30m



Extends from 0.84m (33") to 3m (10')
Lightweight aluminium construction
New ultra smooth extension and retraction system
Easy to use locking mechanism
Precision balanced

Camera view:



315 grams for the wireless camera head
3 meter boom pole lightweight and easy to carry, weighing just 940 grams

Illumination modes:

White LED lights, and IR Lights

DimenSions of the wireless camera Head

L x 135mm W x 39 mm H x 48mm