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Our Services

Repairs and servicing

We provide repairs and servicing of all our robots and inspection devices under one roof. Besides that we also offer service level agreements and leasing options. This ensures that your downtime is reduced and your equipment is maintained in optimum condition.

Equipment Training

We provide you with training on all our equipment. Our training is customized to meet customer requirements and expectations; training can be scheduled at customers’ premises or at our office.

Group Training and Individual Training

We provide individual and group training to your staff up skilling them to be knowledgeable and competent on using the robot.

Service Level Agreements

We can provide you with our service level agreements aimed at staff knowledge and to boost productivity. This will save time, money and reduce downtime for your business.

Rent, Buy, Lease

Talk to us if you would like to rent, lease or buy our  inspection robots.

If you wanted to buy the robot on finance, we have rent to own or rent to lease options available.

Renting or leasing can be structured as an expense in your business and can save you money and help in the cash flow. Talk to your accountant.

Contact us for a consultation on your inspection requirement

Every single robot is handmade with passion and dedication using  quality parts and the best technology  available