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An easy-to-use throwable tactical robot with built in HD camera and Thermal camera on a 90° tilt bracket designed for covert and overt operations. Deployable on multiple ground surfaces and a 45° incline gradient climb ability the robot comes with a portable long-range controller with video signal up to 300-400 meters. 

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Designed for Multiple ground terrains

Cerberus-X soft sand Test 

Cerberus-X Drop test 

Throwable robot 

Cerberus-X stairs drop test 

Using the IR lights and Thermal camera to detect a person hiding in the cupboard 

Cerberus-X stairs drop test 




Rugged design, well-built throwable robot for tactical operations. See in pitch dark using our powerful IR lights, thermal camera and HD camera.



The robot is built with special motors designed to be quiet and stealthy.


Double-sided operation

The robot will automatically adjust the video and joystick controls even when flipped for seamless uninterrupted video operations.



400 meters line of sight uninterrupted video transmission. Use our custom split screen function on the controller to see the live view of the thermal and IR mode for a reliable search of hazardous areas and safety of staff.



The live view from the controller can be shared onto a tablet/computer via Wi-Fi. Send a live video of the inspection remotely to teams at remote locations via the 4G/5G network. Capture videos and images in real-time using our custom app.



Talk to us for additional payloads, colors and embossing your logo on the robot.


Tactical Police response teams

The Cerberus robot is currently used by some of the most elite police teams around the world. Its long-range video system, night vision along with its rugged design have made it an obvious choice for the tactical police teams.

Army special operations

Whether it is intelligence gathering or clearing hostile areas the Cerberus can be a handy tool for many tactical teams.

Search and rescue teams

The robot can also be used by search and rescue operations or in times of disaster to inspect hard to reach hazardous areas. Its compact design along with custom Tyres helps it climb obstacles with ease.

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We have designed and built a unique camera system that will allow users to see images in greater detail. The zoom lens can be controlled using the Herelink controller. Users can press a button on the controller to adjust the zoom level.


We use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for our robots. Most people are familiar with lithium-ion as they most likely own a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Lithium iron phosphate is a newer type of battery gaining recognition in the manufacturing industries due to its cost-effective materials and stability with high temperatures.. To charge the battery simply plug in the charge cable. The robot can be charged off the mains or car cigarette lighter.


The robot comes with a high quality sturdy transport case with rollers. Customers can extend the handle and roll the case when transporting the robot. The case is well padded on the inside providing good protection for the robot.


We have designed and built our own PCB with micro components for the reliability and safety of the robot. With built in battery management system and safety triggers, our latest PCB allows for future add-ons and upgrades with both 5V and 9V plug point for devices.

Technical specifications

Reliable and rugged body

Splash proof and dustproof design

Flip detection sensors

The robot works even when flipped gathering digital data from the imbedded sensors in the PCB.


SLA resin (shell) - Nylon (other parts) - SLS


Up to 1.5 hours continuous use and 2.5 hours standby

battery & capacity

Replaceable LiPo batteries 12V - 3500mah

VIdeo Range

Up to 150 m indoors, 400m outdoors.

Herelink Controller

Controller to display live video and control the robot. Video streaming resolution 1920/1080-30 FPS HD

Images and video

All images and videos are stored on the controller

Length: Width: Height:

290mm (L)x 210 mm(W) x 140mm (H)


HD camera and FLIR Thermal camera

Camera view:



2.4 kg

Pictanny Rails

Mount additional payloads as per situation

Max payload:



2 motors: 120 rpm


Fixed wheels - differential turning

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Illumination modes:

White LED lights, and IR Lights adjustable. Suitable for both day and night operations.



The 2 year warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring, and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced. Theft, and fire will also not be covered as it should be covered by owner’s insurance. We provide full support and back up for our robots.