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Inspect Storm Water Drains

Multi use tethered robot to inspect storm water drains or hard to reach crawlspaces

Custom Tether connection

Professional grade neutrally buoyant tether cable combines strength and durability with high performance electrical characteristics for a wide range of ROV applications.

The cable comes with  a polyurethane jacket for improved flexibility and better adhesion to plotting materials.

Comes with preinstalled binder 770 connector and cable penetrator for easy connection.

Easy setup

This is a 4WD platform with HD  and thermal camera. They are designed and fabricated in Christchurch, New Zealand and are fully supported by Techmatics NZ.

The robot comes with 150 meters of cable for the video inspection. The video is relayed back onto a tablet for the user to take snapshots, view on split screen and zoom into the image for  greater detail.

Can be used wirelessly or tethered

Our storm-water drain robots can be used both wirelessly and tethered. Use our custom app for taking snapshots and recording videos. Use the zoom function on the camera to get a detailed view of the inspection.

4G/5G connectivity

View inspections remotely with our cloud application using the 4G/5G network. Managers and workers can now view the  inspections from the robot remotely which can save time time and money.

Customer Review

Todd Baker



“In late 2020 we enlisted the help of Techmatics NZ with building a custom robot with multiple capabilities for our inspection requirements. Ravi was fantastic to communicate with and kept us up-to-date with progress all the way through the build. It was a new robot for Techmatics but was met as an exciting challenge. The outcome far exceeded our expectations and Ravi and the team have provided and continue to provide exceptional support and guidance as we explore the capabilities of the robot.

The robot is capable of both commercial, residential, Wi-Fi and tethered inspections, stormwater pipe inspections, culverts, both in thermal & RGB images, the list goes on, a truly versatile robot. The customisation work that was put into the robot is simply outstanding. We look forward to exploring other opportunities in the future as we expand and look at adding to our robotic fleet. It is a great addition to our aerial and underwater drone assets”

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