Department of Corrections (Prison Security Project)

Under vehicle inspection project for Department of Corrections

In Early 2020 Techmatics was given the task to make an inspection robot for the Department of Corrections New Zealand. The purpose of the robot was to inspect the vehicles that came to the prisons and inspect hidden contra bans, drugs, and weapons.

Techmatics obliged and  custom built an inspection robot  to meet the requirements as outlined by the department of  corrections. The robot  comes with additional thermal imaging camera  along with HD camera for a more detailed search. Corrections chief custodial officer Neil Beales said some prisoners go to extreme lengths to get contraband into prison, including pressuring partners, friends or associates to bring it into prison when they visit.

On a Saturday at Christchurch Men’s Prison, staff could search upwards of 100 vehicles, he said.

“Use of the robot has the potential to make these searches faster, safer, easier and more thorough.”

The robots could also be used for searching confined, closed spaces within prisons, such as ducting, Beales said.


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