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Under vehicle inspection robots for the Government of Australia (Bio security)


Under vehicle Inspection Robot

In 2021 Techmatics Robotics was contacted by bio security Australia to make under vehicle inspection robots that could wirelessly to inspect crawlspaces that were hard to reach compromising the health and safety of the staff.

From conception to design the team at Techmatics designed and built the robot that would meet the customers  requirements at meeting the clients budget and quality expectations. The custom removable wheels meant that the robot could inspect under carriages, containers and other potentially hazardous areas. 

Five robots were commissioned across major Australian ports. The robots have been used to inspect containers, carriages and under vehicles that were coming into Australia. The robots are used actively till today inspecting under carriages helping bio inspectors.  

Customer Review

Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia

Looking like a cross between a robovac and a Meccano model, these Hades-5Z robots are part of an exciting pilot funded by the department’s Biosecurity Innovation Program. 🤖
Five robots will be put through their paces by biosecurity officers during controlled, onsite inspections to detect biosecurity risks using imported cargo such as sea containers, vehicles and heavy agricultural machinery.
It is hoped the robots will reduce work and safety risks for biosecurity staff on the frontline and increase our detection capabilities. The trials will be run at post-entry sites in Adelaide, Fremantle, Darwin and Brisbane.