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Hades-5 uses line scanning technology to generate a still image of a vehicle’s chassis.  Using an android tablet, the robot can help vehicle inspectors, bio security officers and maintenance engineers look for suspicious objects, bio security risks and perform general vehicle condition assessments. Typical time to scan an under vehicle is generally around 45 seconds saving you time money and resources. 

The robot is customizable and can be built as required by the customer. Additional cameras, lights and sensors. Talk to us today. 

Under vehicle inspection robot with scanning technology

Under vehicle inspection robot with scanning technology to generate a single image of the vehicle chassis.


Automatic scanning technology

Automatically scan the under carriage of the vehicle with the Hades-5 robot using our unique 6 camera system. The robot comes with a rugged Samsung tablet along with our custom app to get a single image of the entire under carriage. Vehicle inspectors, biosecurity officials can use the image to get a bird's eye view of the vehicle chassis looking for faults and risks.


The robot drives automatically while scanning. If a manual inspection is required, using the virtual joystick on the app also drives the robot to allow for manual robotic inspections.

Dust proof and splash proof body

The robot is designed to be dustproof and splash proof. Built with 2mm thick aluminium metal body and powder coated with custom PCB design.

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Line array camera

We have designed and built a unique camera system that will allow users to see images in greater detail. The zoom lens can be controlled using the Herelink controller. Users can press a button on the controller to adjust the zoom level.


We use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for our robots. Most people are familiar with lithium-ion as they most likely own a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Lithium iron phosphate is a newer type of battery gaining recognition in the manufacturing industries due to its cost-effective materials and stability with high temperatures.. To charge the battery simply plug in the charge cable. The robot can be charged off the mains or car cigarette lighter.


The robot comes with a high quality sturdy transport case with rollers. Customers can extend the handle and roll the case when transporting the robot. The case is well padded on the inside providing good protection for the robot.


We have designed and built our own PCB with micro components for reliability and safety of the robot. With built in battery management system and safety triggers, our latest PCB allows for future add-ons and upgrades with both 5V and 9V plug point for devices.


Bio-security checks

Inspect under vehicle chassis of new vehicles arriving at the post for any potential bio - such as snakes and spiders which can upset the ecosystem of a country.

Check for rusts.

Under vehicle inspectors can use the robot to check for rust s and other potential damage before and after the vehicles arrives in the country.

Check for weapons and contrabands.

Prison security and other high-risk areas can use the robot to look for potential weapons and contrabands.

Technical specifications

Reliable and rugged body

Splash proof and dustproof design


Up to 2 hours depending on use. 1 hour if using for constant inspections.


Close proximity to the robot, can operate up to 30 metres from tablet.


4.1 kg


Length: Width: Height:

390 mm x 340 mm x 100 mm

Max payload:



While scanning: 5m/min Manual mode: 12m/min

Camera view:


Illumination modes:

White light bar for illuminating under carriage



The 2 year warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring, and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced. Theft, and fire will also not be covered as it should be covered by owner’s insurance. We provide full support and back up for our robots.