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Under vehicle inspection robot with HD camera, Thermal camera, Optical zoom camera, and wide-angle camera. HD camera is mounted on a gimble allowing users to get a good view of the crawl space at different angles. Used with a long-range controller the robot has range of 150 meters. Ideal for under vehicle inspections for vehicle maintaince, bio security checks and vehicle entry to secure locations. 


Low light HD camera and Thermal camera on a gimble to see multiple angles of the crawlspace. Built in white lights to light up areas as per camera view.
Optical zoom camera and wide angle camera mounted on the top lid. The optical zoom camera has manual focus and can users can zoom into detail objects under the vehicle.
Long range herelink controller customized to work with the Hades video application. Indoor range 150 meters, outdoors 300-400 meters.
Split screen view to see multiple images in real time to check for engine conditions.
Clear HD image to see the under vehicle a detail view without distortion
Designed to inspect multiple vehicle types from low profile sports cars to trucks and diggers
Removable battries for continuous use
Spash proof dust proof design laser cut and folded aluminum chassis .
Customizable with additional payloads

Where can the robots be used

Secure Prision entry
Airport security and checks
Checking high secure loations
Under maintenance and checks