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Every single robot is hand made with passion and dedication using  quality parts and the best technology  available. The rugged and reliable  design has made our  robots a favorite among building inspectors, engineers, emergency services and law enforcement authorities. 


The Hades-2  robot comes complete with a Go-Pro mounted camera on a custom tilt bracket along sides a secondary camera. The high powered Led-lights mounted on the robot allows good visibility in dark crawlspaces. 

The robot comes complete with the RC controller and carry case. The video is recorded in an SD card on the robot and after the inspection you can download the video and the images on the computer. 


Hades-3 is one of our best sellers to date. With 4 individual ball bearing planetary gear motors it is perfect to go through rough surfaces with ease. 

Its splash proof design allows  building inspectors, engineers and surveyors to inspect underfloor areas, ceiling areas, drains and culverts 

Its comes in a watertight case for easy transportation. The Hades-3 robot comes with advanced RC controller to drive the robot and see the live feed. 


Hades- 4 is our most advanced Inspection Robot. It comes with an HD camera and also a Thermal Camera. This is linked to our custom app, giving the user the ability to remotely view crawlspace inspections without having to risk health and safety of staff.  

Multiple sensors can also be added to the robot making it one of the most advanced inspection robot in the international market. 

The app can come with a split screen function to view both the Thermal Imaging Camera and the HD camera in real time giving the inspectors more information on the inspection. 


Hades-5 is tailor made to assist transport authorities in heavy vehicle compliance checks. Automated inspection technologies are leveraged to allow for more thorough, streamlined compliance checks, helping to keep roads safer for all users.

The high definition camera along with the thermal imaging camera provides a detail inspection of the under side of the vehicle.   This is a great tool to inspect hard to reach areas saving time and money for customers. 


Hades-6 is a multirole inspection robot. It can be used to inspect Storm water drains using the Fathom ROV Tether. It can also be used to wirelessly to inspect crawlspaces using our custom video solution. 

This professional grade neutrally buoyant tether combines rugged strength and durability with high-performance electrical characteristics for wide-ranging ROV and applications.

The new R2 version of the tether has a polyurethane jacket for improved flexibility and better adhesion to potting materials. Comes with pre-installed Binder 770 connector and cable penetrator.


The robot is designed to go through pipe with 150mm to 300mm diameter and capture images and send it to the operator to be analyzed. The robot will be dust proof, waterproof accompanied with a high-definition low light custom built camera system with the ability to pan, tilt, zoom and crawl. 

The robotic system will come with a Tablet
and a custom built application to receive the live video and capture images. The robot will be a tethered system. Images taken from the inspection are recorded directly on to the Tablet/ computer ready to be downloaded, emailed, or shared as required saving you time. 

The video and images from the robot can also be seen live via the 4G/5G network using our custom built app and cloud platform. The robot will be built to accommodate removable wheels to fit bigger pipes along with additional camera which can be mounted on the robot with a lift system to center the camera for bigger pipes. However, this can be designed in conjunction with your requirement.

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