Industries for our robots

Industries for our robots

Building Inspections

Our Hades Robot series has been used widely in subfloor inspection .With the Dustproof and splash proof body it gives the inspectors ability to inspect hard to reach areas without compromising health and safety of staff.  

Building Inspection Our Industries
Search and Rescue Our Industries

Search and rescue

Cover your health and safety and protect your staff. In any situation where its not safe to send humans, our robots could be sent to look for people trapped. 

The robots can send a live stream via its video transfer system on to a tablet, letting  emergency management officers and first responders know of the situation and check  for potential hazards such as live wires through the use of its custom thermal camera system. 

Waste and Water

The Hades-6 robot can be used for Stormwater drain inspection or a culvert where crawl space is unsafe to access. Light weight tether system can be carried easily with minimum effort to inspect various locations. 

The Video can be displayed on an android tablet or an iPad. The operator can drive the robot and also take snapshots. The operator can also zoom in and zoom out of the live stream to get a better view of the inspection. 

The inspection can also be viewed in Thermal Imaging mode as well to give an in-depth analysis of the area.  

Waste Water Inspection Our Industries
Under Vehicle Inspection Our Industries

Under Vehicle Inspections

Conduct under vehicle security inspections and preventative maintenance with our advanced machine learning algorithms. 

Thermal images are used for all kinds of safety checks to reduce the risk of fire or premature product failure. Using our Robots with thermal imaging camera could save you thousands of dollars in down time and vehicle maintenance. 

Thermal camera inspections are often used as an evidence base for insurance claims. This includes the various mechanical, electrical and safety issues outlined above. Inspect the under carriage of vehicles crossing into secure facilities for drugs, weapons and explosives. 


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