Hades - 7

Pipe inspection robot

The robot is designed to go through pipe with 150mm to 300mm in diameter and capture images and send it to the operator to be analyzed. The robot will be dust proof, waterproof, accompanied with a high-definition low light custom built camera system with the ability to pan, tilt, zoom and crawl. 

The robotic system will come with a Tablet
and a custom built application to receive the live video and capture images. The robot will be a tethered system. Images taken from the inspection are recorded directly on to the Tablet/ computer ready to be downloaded, emailed, or shared as required saving you time. 

The video and images from the robot can also be seen live via the 4G/5G network using our custom built app and cloud platform. The robot will be built to accommodate removable wheels to fit bigger pipes along with additional camera can be mounted on the robot with a lift system to center the camera for bigger pipes. However, this can be designed in conjunction with your requirement.

Hades 7

Features and benefits

Rugged Design:
The crawler is designed to be waterproof and dust proof with IP67 standard. The crawler can be fully submersed in water and conduct the inspection. Made in New Zealand, built to the highest

High Quality Image and control system:

The inspection system comes with high resolution crawler cameras. (Forward View, Pan & Tilt or Pan & Tilt with Optical Zoom); each with ultra-bright, white LED lighting for use across different pipe materials. The external light-head provides additional lighting for very large diameter or dark pipes, ensuring clarity of view. The camera and the robot is controlled using the handheld dual-joystick controller which is easy, functional, and remote.

Manual or automatic cable drum option

With cable lengths from 150 to 300 meters, the robot comes with automatic or manual retrieval mode as required. The automatic cable drum is loaded on the inspection vehicle to retrieve the crawler, while the manual drum can be moved around to suit different inspection location. The manual drum is ideal for portability or use between multiple vehicles and crews.

Fathom ROV Tether

This professional grade neutrally buoyant tether combines rugged strength and durability with high-performance electrical characteristics for wide-ranging ROV and subsea applications. The cable comes with a a polyurethane jacket for improved flexibility and better adhesion to potting materials. Comes with pre-installed Binder 770 connector and cable penetrator.

High Quality display

We provide a high-quality windows-based PC for the video inspection, allowing the operator to import, store and manage their inspection reports. Easy to use system allows the user to easily navigate through the pipes collecting accurate information to create comprehensive reports. Images from the camera will work with the wincam system.

Custom Software and electronics

The software and hardware on the crawler can be easily upgraded.

Hades 7

What is included

  • Custom made controller with internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery to control the robot.

  • Motorized Cable drum to retrieve the crawler.

  • A secondary manual cable drum is also included to inspect remote areas where the motorized

    cable drum is not accessible.

  • Hades-7 crawler with sonde with pan tilt ability to inspect pipes from 150mm to 300mm.

  • Waterproof carry case to house the crawler.

  • High grade windows-based laptop to view and record the inspection.

  • Multi-wheel set to inspect different pipe dimensions.

  • 2-year mechanical warranty.


  • Contact us for a free quote.

  • Sign agreement for the build.

  • Pay 20% deposit.

  • Build time 3 to 4 weeks (depending on availability of parts).

  • Final deposit on completion of the robot.

Service and support

All our service and support are done from our Christchurch office. Technical assistance is available to the customer for the lifetime of the equipment. All manufacturing both in software and electronics are also done by our team in Christchurch.


Warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced. Theft, and fire will also not be covered as it should be covered by owner’s insurance. We provide full support and back up for our robots.

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