Hades- 6


Hades-6 is a multirole inspection robot. it can be used to inspect Storm water drains using the Fathom  ROV Tether. It can also be used to wirelessly inspect crawlspaces using our custom video solution. 

This professional grade neutrally buoyant tether combines rugged strength and durability with high-performance electrical characteristics for wide-ranging ROV and applications.

The new R2 version of the tether has a polyurethane jacket for improved flexibility and better adhesion to potting materials. Comes with pre-installed Binder 770 connector and cable penetrator.


  • 150 meters of high quality tether cable designed specifically for ROVs applications. It is neutrally buoyant, has 350 lb breaking strength, and is embedded with water-blocking fibers to seal any leaks. 

  • The tether has a diameter of 7.6mm and is slimmer than the vast majority of comparable ROV tethers. Great for inspection storm water drains. 

  • Use it wirelessly to inspect hard to reach crawl spaces like underfloor spaces, attic spaces, roof spaces etc. 

  • Useful for building inspectors, engineers, search and recue inspectors, surveyors etc.  

Hardware Specification

  • 150 meters of cable to storm water drain inspection. 

  • 5 Kilometers  line of sight wireless video application (subject to terrain and area of operation) 

  • Water proof and dust proof design. 

  • 4 WD rover with ball bearing planetary gear. 

  • Durable robust and reliable system. 

  • Easy to use and deploy.

  • Customizable as per requirement from customer. 

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 360 x 360 x 175 mm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg

  • Maximum payload weight: 10 kg

  • Max. road speed: 10 km/h

  • Speed in reverse: 10 km/h

  • Ground clearance: 50 mm

  • Turning radius: 0 m

What is included

  • Fully built and tested custom 4WD robot.

  • Cabled robot for video transmission. 

  • High quality remote control.

  • Tough Case to house the robot. 

  • Android Tablet 4G/5G connectivity (optional)


  • Contact us for a free quote.

  • Sign agreement for the build.

  • Pay 20% deposit.

  • Build time 3 to 4 weeks (depending on availability of parts).

  • Final deposit on completion of the robot.


Warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced. Theft, and fire will also not be covered as it should be covered by owner’s insurance. We provide full support and back up for our robots.

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