Hades 4


Hades 4 is our most advanced Inspection Robot. It comes with an HD camera and also a Thermal Camera. The Thermal is linked to our custom app, giving the user the ability to remotely view crawlspace inspections without having to risk health and safety of staff.  

Multiple sensors can also be added to the robot making it one of the most advanced inspection robot in the international market. The app comes with a split screen function to view both the Thermal Imaging Camera and the HD camera in real time giving the inspectors more information on the inspection. 

Hades 4


  • 4WD chassis with remote Thermal Imaging Camera.

  • Made in New Zealand.

  • Built in charging system with LCD display showing the battery voltage.

  • Ball bearing heavy duty

  • Planetary Gear Motors.

  • Custom designed power coated body for strength and durability.

  • Custom built App for video transmission.

  • 2 years warranty.

What's Included

  • Fully built and tested custom robot.

  • Additional FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera mounted on the camera tilt bracket.

  • High quality spectrum remote control.

  • Waterproof case to house the robot.

  • Built in custom battery charger and display LCD.

  • Car charger (optional Extra)

  • Battery bank for charging the tablet router and your phone.

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: 360x 360 x 175 mm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg

  • Maximum payload weight: 10 kg

  • Max. road speed: 10 km/h

  • Speed in reverse: 10 km/h

  • Ground clearance: 50 mm

  • Turning radius: 0 m


  • Contact us for a free quote.

  • Sign agreement for the build.

  • Pay 20% deposit.

  • Build time 3 to 4 weeks (depending on availability of parts).

  • Final deposit on completion of the robot.

Applications for the Robot


The advanced onboard electronics and sensors make the Robot ideal for Civil Defense, Police, Fire Department, Department of Corrections etc. We can also further tailor the robot to meet custom requirements. with high level of video encryption for security. We also offer the robot in different colors and can also put your logo on it if required. 


Warranty covers all electronics and on-board camera, motor controller, wiring and computer. Tyres and motor will not be covered as it’s wear and tear, however, they can be easily replaced.

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